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With the big storm coming we can reopen the trails

Good Evening Drifters, With the current forecast of a large snowfall coming to town Wednesday night and Thursday we will be reopening the trails back up Thursday for as long as the snow keeps the ground covered. Today most of the gates were reopened and remaining gates will be done tomorrow before the storm. Please Read more about With the big storm coming we can reopen the trails[…]

Beggars can’t be choosers

We finally got a little more snow a couple days ago.  The groomers are making the rounds although the storm produced a lot of sleet.  This makes for a very granular trail which does not hold well.  Even though the trails look pretty good.  Check the conditions page for details.

Trails reopen

With the 5 inches of fresh powder today to cover the bare spots we are opening the trails back up.  However use EXTREME caution since we have not inspected them since last weekends heavy rains.  See the conditions page for more details.