Trails are closed for the rest of the season!!

Hi Drifters, Sadly no matter if we get more snow or not the trail system is closed for the season. Per request of several landowners we are closing all gates due to ATV’s on the snowmobile trail. For obvious reasons we just can not risk future trail closures due to the actions of some inconsiderate people who know they shouldn’t be out there. ATV’s on snowmobile trails are not legal.

Title 12, Chapter 933 §13107 –
Unlawfully operating
vehicle on snowmobile trail
A person may not operate any 4-wheel
drive vehicle, dune buggy, all-terrain
vehicle, motorcycle, or any other motor
vehicle, other than a snowmobile and
appurtenant equipment, on snowmobile
trails that are financed in whole or in part
with funds from the Snowmobile Trail
Fund, unless that use has been authorized
by the landowner or the landowner’s agent,
or unless the use is necessitated by an
emergency involving safety or persons or
Exception: An ATV with tracks, registered
as a snowmobile, may be operated on
snowmobile trails.

We want to truly THANK ALL of our Landowners for a great although brief season!!