The first snow of the season has arrived

Hi Drifters,

The new 2017-18 maps where dropped off at Windham Town Hall vehicle registration office and at Richardson’s on Rte 302 which are available for a donation (suggested min $5.00).
We haveĀ received our first snow, about 4-5″ on Saturday 12-9-17 with another 4-8 predicted for Tuesday the 12th. a shot of very cold air will follow so this should get us off to a good start. However, as fun as it is to get out there ripping up the trails we BEG you to take it easy until things freeze tight. Just go for a nice ride to start packing because ripping up a landowners yard or field will surely not sit well and could very well get a trail shut down. EVERY centimeter of the trail system is owned by someone. The pipeline alone has 42 separate landowners NOT owned by the gas company so upsetting one property owner will close the trail. BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR LANDOWNERS!!! If you venture out after Tuesday be aware the water holes are not frozen (and there are a bunch), there are rocks and stumps that don’t have good cover, and there are still a couple gates that may be closed.
BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, THANK A LANDOWNER, AND BECOME OF MEMBER OF YOUR LOCAL CLUB. Your support is vital to the future of the local trail system!!