got to be respectful

Good Morning Drifters before the big storm,

Our Trail master was out for a ride this morning and very disheartened by all the off trailing he saw particularly in areas CLEARLY marked to stay on the trail and even riding on areas marked NO Snowmobiling. We know how fun it is to get out there but you’ve GOT to be respectful of landowner request and marked trails. We can’t keep going behind these knuckleheads and fixing landowner relations to keep the trails open. The handful of us that try to keep this system open for you all are about to say the hell with it and let the system close. We put hundreds of VOLUNTEER hours in so you have a trail system to enjoy but the disrespect of us and the landowners is getting out of hand. There are appropriate places to play but when a trail is clearly marked you HAVE to stay on it. If you want to go off trailing you’ve got to go trailer North of here where it’s OKAY to do so. PLEASE be respectful or the trail system will begin to get shut down by upset landowners. YOU’VE GOT TO DO YOUR PART. Have a good time, be respectful, and most importantly be safe.