icy conditions

Hello Drifters,

Unfortunately we received a bunch of rain on 1/3/17 and again on 1/12/17.  With the cold temperatures coming this weekend that will cause some dangerously icy and hard conditions on the trails.  There will be a lot ice, rocks, stumps, and such on the trails.  Use extreme caution if you dare to venture out.  Most people will have issues with overheating and slider problems with no lose snow on the trails.

Last weekend the club rented a machine to cut and widen the trails on the Powerline.  If you do go out you will find a lot of debris on those 2 trails until the next snow to cover it.  Please use caution and be aware of this.  

Mark your calendars for February 4th at 5:00.  We will be hosting a bonfire at the same site as the past years on William Knight Road next to the trail.  Stay tuned for more details.